At Prime Security UK, we are only interested in acquiring the services of the top talents in the region. That is why we only consider high calibre candidates for our vacancies. If you can meet our high standards, have the background and are highly motivated to work with us, we’ll give you a chance to be part of our esteemed members of staff.

Take some time check out our current vacancies on our page. We’d love to hear from you. What is most refreshing about this section is that we try to keep it updated all the times hence you cannot miss out on an opportunity.

We love being pace-setters at everything that we do. We are committed to ensuring that all our customers are protected against any forms of insecurities. We boast of having a highly trained and elite team of security professionals who are always on standby to attend to your needs. You can reach us at any time and you should be able to find someone to attend to you. Our dedicated team of customer support work around the clock to ensure that every security concern is addressed.
We offer a range of high quality security services for our customers at affordable rates to all our customers throughout the United Kingdom. In case of a security concern, our security team on patrol will be at your premise within an instance. Securing your establishment is our main priority hence we never relent. Upon arrival, our team will do a quick external check to identify any cases of intrusion. If there are signs of break-in, the team will immediately contact the authorities for further assistance. If there is no sign of an intrusion at all the team will nevertheless enter your premise to ensure that everything is okay.

We are known throughout the UK for our wide range of security services. Our team is well aware of the importance of personnel training hence we work to achieve that and guarantee customer satisfaction. We are in a position where we can train services to your business services to your business or better yet welcome you to take part in our advanced training courses which we offer at our training centre. We take pride in our training team which is fully qualified with all the necessary qualifications that is required to instruct on our variety of courses.

We fully understand the importance of affordability in as far as our training services in concerned. This can explain why our security training services and courses are tailored to reduce costs of the organizations wishing to send staff for training. We try as much as possible to reduce our overhead costs which in turn help cut down costs. Our team is well aware of the basic security training needs of individuals hence will do everything within their means to ensure that it is achieved. Our training courses are designed to prepare individuals for employment as, bouncers, control officers, in-house or contract security guards and many more.

Over the past few years, the CCTV industry in the UK has come to re recognized as a world of endless change and rapid evolution. This means that our training and the courses in this area receive constant updates to keep up with the changes. There are over 4 million CCTV cameras that have been installed in the UK thereby creating the need to acquire vital skills in the areas of system repair and maintenance. Our CCTV training courses are continuously growing in popularity. We offer a combination of both classroom theory and practical training courses that will ensure that you’ve gained a comprehensive understanding of the latest advancements in CCTV technology in the industry. The best part about our training services is that our fees are affordable without having to compromise on the quality.

We are dedicated to offering both first aid training for the public and workplace in general. In the case of our public first aid training courses, they are suited for individuals who are looking to learn the basic first aid training skills to cope with daily emergencies. On the other hand first aid courses for the workplace are ideal for individuals who feel the need to comply with health and safety requirements in a working environment. Besides these two, we also offer group first aid training for organizations who want to train their staff. We’ll provide you with workplace training or any other location you deem appropriate. Affordability is our main concern hence this should not be a main

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