Key Holding


Key Holding

We provide key holding services for lone workers who are normally required to attend to site during odd hours. What we do is that we’ll meet up with the worker and accompany them up to the designated site. You can rely on our staff to be reachable even at unsociable hours.

With our exclusive key holding services that have been designed in accordance to the key holding standards, you can expect our staff to have your door opened in no time even in times of disasters such as fires and break-ins. You can trust us with your keys and alarm codes as we’ll have them locked away safe and securely. What we do is that we take time to gain an inside understanding of your premise, log all keys in and out so that we can be in a better position of advising the appropriate personnel. This in turn means that you can have your doors opened and closed at your own convenience.

The safety of our clients is our top priority and we do everything within our means to make sure that is granted.

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