Mobile Patrols

We boast of having an elite team of uniformed officers who are always ready to pay you a visit during their planned frequent visits. These officers normally conduct both internal and external patrols on your premise to ensure that you are safe. Our main objective is to deter criminals from accessing our client’s sites and displace any forms of criminal activities. We take pride in providing equal nation-wide services to our clients. For transparency and accountability, we always provide our clients with auditable services and reports on request. The reports mainly cover details relating to the patrol and observations made while on duty.

Once we’ve agreed on everything, our security team will be at your service within 48 hours any ready to attend to your security concerns. Our uniformed officers, branded vehicles and physical warning boards are a perfect warning to criminals. Our patrol areas are equipped with Radio tags which are scanned with hand held PDA which essentially records arrival time, departures and patrol route data. In case our team finds some serious security concerns, these devices are capable of generating live reports instantly. You can expect our officers to react even faster in an event where there is a fire, flood or any other catastrophic damage on your premise.

Just as our name suggests, we are committed to delivering prime security services to all our clients across the United Kingdom

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